Sakrua Tray 83 Pc. $ 85.00


27 Pc. California Roll

  This is our traditional roll with  specially prepared rice  wrapped around avocado, cucumber, imitation crab meat. This is available with our special spicy sauce  drizzled over the top. Just  let us know which one you want, SPICY or not, or get some of both.  

19 Pc. Spicy Tuna & Salmon Roll

 This will make your taste buds smile.  Imitation crab, cucumber, all wrapped in our specially prepared rice with cuts of Fresh Alaskan Tuna or Fresh Wild Salmon with our special spicy sauces drizzled over  each bite.   

8 Pc. Salmon Cream Cheese Roll

 Generous cut of Fresh Wild Salmon surrounded by Cream Cheese, Avocado all wrapped up in our specially prepared rice. 

8 Pc. Tuna Roll & 6 Pc. Crunchy Roll

 Our Tuna roll uses specially prepared rice  wrapped around a beautiful cut of Tuna.  


 The Crunchy roll includes specially prepared rice  wrapped around  avocado, cucumber, imitation crab, special  sauce & topped with crunchy onion.  YUM 

6 Pc. Tempura Shrimp

 Start with our specially cooked rice,  sushi seasoning, sesame seed, tempura shrimp lightly battered flash deep fried . Then add avocado  mixed with our spicy sauce. The secret is in the shrimp and special sauce. 

6 Pc. Nigiri & 3 Pc. Inari

 Nigiri uses specially cooked rice with sushi seasoning, Salmon, Tuna, Eel, Yellow tail, Shrimp all combined for a special treat.  

 Inari includes our specially cooked sushi rice seasoned and  stuffed in a sweet seasoned aburaage tofu pouch.  Great taste combination. 

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