California Tray 70 Pc. $ 55.00


22 Pc. California Roll

 This is our traditional roll with  specially prepared rice  wrapped around avocado, cucumber, imitation crab meat. This is availble with our special spicy sauce  drizzled over the top. Just  let us know which one you want, SPICY or not, or some of each. 

8 Pc. Avocado Snack Rolls

 This has our specially prepared rice  wrapped around a generous cut of fresh avocado. 

8 Pc. Tuna Dragon (spicy)

 This will make your taste buds smile.  Imitation crab, cucumber, all wrapped in our specially prepared rice with cuts of Alaskan Tuna with special spicy sauces  and garnish drizzled over  each bite.   

8 Pc. Tuna Roll

 Specially prepared rice  wrapped around a beautiful cut of Fresh Alaskan Tuna.  

16 Pc. Vegetable Roll

 Fresh Cucumber, Avocado,  shaved Carrot  wrapped in our specially cooked sushi rice.  This has a fresh garden look and taste. 

8 Pc. Crunchy Roll

 Specially prepared rice  wrapped around  avocado, cucumber, imitation crab, special  sauce & topped with crunchy onion.  YUM 

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